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  Carpet ,Upholstery and Airduct cleaning company 

  Carpet ,Upholstery and Airduct cleaning company   

Our Services Carpet and air duct cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Restore the look of your furniture with the help of the experts at Spark Cleaning of Owings Mills, MD. We offer extensive cleaning that will restore the vibrant look of your upholstery through shampoo and foam cleaners.

The foam is a gentle cleaning agent that does not compromise the quality of your furniture. It also prevents the sofa or chair from bleeding.


Chairs: $29.95

Loveseats: $39.95

Sofas up to Six Feet: $69.95

Sectional Sofa: Starting at $99.95

Additional Pillows: $4.00 each, Deep cleaning $14.95 ft.

Upolstery cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We provide a wide range of steam carpet cleaning solutions, including pet odor removal and water damage restoration.

On top of the steam cleaning, we pre-treat the carpet and brush it to allow most stains and dirt to be lifted. Red and blue stains are more difficult to remove and will incur an additional charge, but we are able to remove 99% of stains.

Carpet cleaning
New carpets have Teflon coating that gets removed with steam or routine cleaning. We can re-apply the coating for you, protecting your carpet from spills that would otherwise cause permanent stains.


Steam Cleaning: $16.95 per Room, $15.00 per Hallway, $2.00 per Step

Deep Scrubs: $30.00-35.00 per Room, $15.00-25.00 per Hallway, $2.00 per Step

Sanitation including Other Extra Fees: $20.00 per Room, $10.00 per Hallway, $2.00 per Step

Teflon Coating: $25.00 per Room, $15.00 per Hallway, $2.00 per Step, additional charge for Berber carpet ($10.00 per Room or Hallway, $1.00 per Step)

All prices are based on a up to  200-square-foot per room. We offer free deodorizer. We also provide a demonstration of the deep cleaning if you want to see the process in action.

Air Duct Cleaning

Are you noticing that your family seems to be getting sick a lot or is stuck with nagging colds throughout the year? Do your employees seem to be taking a lot of sick days? The problem could lie above your head.

Spark Cleaning urges home and business owners to regularly clean their ductwork to rid it of dust, mold, and other dirt that could cause illness.

We sanitize air ducts for just $9.00 per vent, $19.00 per return register and $24.00 per main line.


Return Register: $39.00 per Return Point

Main Supply Line Cleaning: $90.00 per Supply Line

Coil Cleaning: $99.00 - $299.00

Blower Motor Cleaning: $149.00 - $225.00

Air Duct Cleaning Special (10 Vents): $99.95

Whole House Air Duct Cleaning (Full Air Duct System Clean):start from $249.00

Air duct cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers collect a lot of lint, and when accumulated could become a fire hazard. It is recommended to clean dryer vents every two years to prevent fire in your home.

In addition to the risk, having a clogged dryer vent causes usage time to increase and the electricity bill to go up. It could also cause undue strain on your machine and lead to its untimely demise.

For $149.00 we will clean a vent up to 10 feet. Each additional foot costs $5.00.

Other Services

High-Efficiency Particular Air (HEPA) Filters are available upon request, and we can install UV lights starting at $299.00 to help kill bacteria and mold in a home or business. These items are great for someone living, working or visiting the property that suffers from allergies.

We ask that someone 18 years of age or older be present at the time of our services.